Monday, November 18, 2013

Purely Perfect

Every once in a while along comes something that is actually all it's cracked up to be. Enter the "un"shampoo known as Cleansing Creme. A truly new category in hair care that is taking the industry and heads by storm. Quite possibly the biggest breakthrough in hair dressing since the invention of hair color. What's it all about you ask? No stripping detergents or sulfates. about just one step in the shower? Strengthen and increase the brilliance of your color and health of your hair. The more you use it the better it gets. How about your color looking exactly the same instead of great in the beginning and then fading into that dull, dry palette 3 weeks later? Oh ye, did I mention it costs less than buying shampoo and conditioner. Best of all, how about your locks having that childlike feel again. DONE! That's right people, say goodbye to shampoo and conditioner. There's not a head that could deny the luxurious feel after just one use. Yes, it's great for anyone. Rejuvenation is waiting. It's not about what's in it that makes it so wonderful, but more about what's not in it. A totally environmentally friendly ingredient list that helps keeps our world a little better for the next generation. Get on the band wagon and join the revolution to "un"shampoo your hair. You won't be disappointed. Christopher Ashley Salon is the only salon in SC that has been asked to partner with If You Knew, maker of the new outrageous Purely Perfect hair care line.