Monday, December 16, 2013

Going The Extra Mile

Taking that extra step to reach out and offer that personal touch never goes out of style. We call back each client to check on the service and products they received from us. There's been over whelming positive feedback. It's a way for us to show we care that much as well as trouble shoot on the spot if there are any hiccups. Fortunately those are few and far between. Think how nice it is to get an actual phone call or a hand written thank you note for spending your time and money at an establishment. That's a WOW factor for sure! Just one way we make it all about you. Thanks people for all your support.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Purely Perfect

Every once in a while along comes something that is actually all it's cracked up to be. Enter the "un"shampoo known as Cleansing Creme. A truly new category in hair care that is taking the industry and heads by storm. Quite possibly the biggest breakthrough in hair dressing since the invention of hair color. What's it all about you ask? No stripping detergents or sulfates. about just one step in the shower? Strengthen and increase the brilliance of your color and health of your hair. The more you use it the better it gets. How about your color looking exactly the same instead of great in the beginning and then fading into that dull, dry palette 3 weeks later? Oh ye, did I mention it costs less than buying shampoo and conditioner. Best of all, how about your locks having that childlike feel again. DONE! That's right people, say goodbye to shampoo and conditioner. There's not a head that could deny the luxurious feel after just one use. Yes, it's great for anyone. Rejuvenation is waiting. It's not about what's in it that makes it so wonderful, but more about what's not in it. A totally environmentally friendly ingredient list that helps keeps our world a little better for the next generation. Get on the band wagon and join the revolution to "un"shampoo your hair. You won't be disappointed. Christopher Ashley Salon is the only salon in SC that has been asked to partner with If You Knew, maker of the new outrageous Purely Perfect hair care line.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cool stuff for dudes

For all the guys tuning in, or ladies that want your men to step it up a notch, here are some hip accessory ideas for the season. Looks like pant length is getting shorter to show off your cool "kicks". Shoulder bags, scarfs, and jackets (esp. blazers) are very popular now. There are all kinds of great combos out there like blazers/sneakers or t-shirt/scarf/chukkas that we can put together. One dresses up the other or down if you flip it around. Hey, that rhymed! What's nice is that you have the option to mix it up. You don't have to be all dressy or all sloppy. And don't forget your hats and sunglasses for that extra touch of groovy.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The sneaky wedge

Here is a glimpse at some ultra trendy shoes for the season. Half sneaker half wedge and 100% funky. Could be cool if you know how to work them with the right outfit. Or maybe its all about attitude when you slide these babies on. Hmmm, they look potentially comfy but are they? One thing's for sure, there's never a shortage of new ideas.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Jungle Book

This is just plain cool. Photography and lighting are great. Like pictures right out of the Jungle Book! Gives you a new appreciation for man and beast.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Digital fashion

Techy used to mean geeky or nerdy. Now days its more like genius. Websites are the main draw to businesses. They need to look hip, cool and awesome! I'm not a programer but the responsiveness and functionality aspects are what's hot. When we get full screen pictures, videos or music, it's so much more captivating. Or when you hover over a button and it's somehow animated. It's the subtle details that subconsciously draw us in. A color, a noise or even a movement makes you want just one more click to see what happens next. Websites are very much fashionable and trendy just like clothing or a hairstyle. And like the latter, they should be a perfect reflection of the product it represents. We enjoy our favorite things and places because we connect to an experience. That's the key to anything. We don't buy shampoo or shoes or a car. We buy the story it represents in our mind. Next time you go to your favorite site, take a second and ask yourself what is it that keeps you connected time and time again? What story are you buying?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The show must go on

It's not just the outcome of a look. It's as much about the road traveled to get there. People crave excitement and enthusiasm. Doing things differently is fun and turns heads especially in the salon. It's not a big space so the vibe you put out catches on rather easily. Make the process of your work look outlandish so other clients ask questions about it. It's almost a show sometimes. We are the performers and the clients are the audience. I love it when they ask about what I'm doing. Create any opportunity so you can to talk about your work. The entire process is like a dance from start to finish. Everyone needs to enjoy the experience and feel elevated. After all, its another form of art for sure. And art should tell stories, be interesting, provoke conversations, be unique and more. 
This is a technique called "The Flame". I come up with it to simulate a red tone resembling fire. Not your average way to color but then again who wants to be average.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's trending

BOBS! Seems like they're always around but there's been a surge of celebrities who just crush it! Below are some of those celebs. Bobs can have this misconception for many peeps who think they exude this boring, conservative or even old school element. But in actuality, its all about where the length lands and how you cut it (or into it) that takes it to the next level of extraordinary. Color also can bring new life to any haircut. Every style should look like it tells a story. It should give you a clue into the personality and expectations of that person with a little mystery left behind. Variations on the bob are endless. Razor, layered, graduated, bangs, choppy, boxy, flippy, precision, 60s retro, undercut - it goes on and on. Nowadays, the imperfections are what's great. The pieces that stick out or flip. It shows interest and character to the style. What are you willing to experiment with is the question. How far can you reach out of the comfort zone? Just go for it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Now that the new website is off and running (more like sprinting) I was going to add a video component to it. There's never a shortage of ideas only time and money right?! Videography has exploded its way into the web design world and for good reason. A picture is great but seeing something in action tells a complete story. There's no shortage of client requests like "how do I duplicate this style after I leave" or "what is that hair painting technique all about". So why not have a video tutorial thats shows you just that. So, coming soon will be a few super sweet videos to educate and instruct you on a range of topics but, with an artistic twist that will be exciting to watch. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Got Razor?

Don't get me wrong, I like shears for cutting hair and I use them often. But the razor is a whole other ballgame. You have to really have a vision and know your stuff to wield an "unguarded" razor. In the beginning, I thought the razor trashed hair. I was super anti after all the bad razor cuts I had to repair. But low and behold like most things in our profession it's the user not the actual tool that goes awry. There's definitely right and wrong with technique and a razor. Now after studying and practicing it for about 7 years now, it has changed everything about my work. Like a renewed spirit. What you can do with a razor is unlike anything you can do with shears. Piecey, wispy, soft, chunky, edgy, fringy, trendy, weight removal, curl enhancer, volume exploder, shaggy, fun, interesting...I mean does it all! I would say the majority of textures can be done with a razor. Creativity is limited only to your imagination. If you feel bored, blah, ho hum, same ole thing, conventional or whatever and would like an interesting change to spice things up, come see me asap. Excitement is right around the corner!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Looking ahead for Fall/Winter color

Whether blonde, red or brunette, here's a sneak peak into what's blazing hot for the upcoming seasons. Notice subtle changes in tones throughout the hair. What makes them so beautiful is the hair painting technique. There's a harmony between the tones. A family of colors that are different yet soft. You don't see any lines like from foiling. Everything seems to "melt" into each other. In Greenville, you can only get it at Christopher Ashley Salon folks. Time to make the switch and watch your style come to life!

It is what you make it

Today is another 9/11 anniversary and I'm inspired to write about making the most of what you do. Most of us regular "Joes" have to wake up and go to work. So why not enjoy it and be thankful for actually having a job to support yourself, the kids, spouse etc. I sort of fell into this profession. It's not like I always wanted to do hair but I knew that I wasn't gonna be stuck behind a desk 9-5. Early on I did a lot of drawing and other artsy stuff. It just seemed to resinate with me. So I can look back and understand how I got here. The majority of the time we have choices which is a blessing. In our field, there are many options as to where and how you can work. So when the choice is made, doesn't it make the most sense to go in 100% each day? When we "choose" to work at a particular salon, we also "choose" to be a part of that culture meaning adapt to their way of thinking and acting. What's the point of going against the grain? It's going to disrupt things for everyone and most likely end badly for you. Complaining to others that can't do anything about it, spreading negativity, gossip or just anything non productive shows poor character in general. If you find yourself in any organization with this backwards thinking, it's probably time to make another choice. Contrary to popular belief, the grass is not greener on the other side...just different. And it's always greener where you water it. So get your mind right and be happy.
I love the fact that I'm in control of my destiny (to a certain extent) with work. I just have to put the effort in like tending a garden. I think clients can tell that I really like what I do. I find it fascinating and always challenging. Every person is a completely new project to figure out and that's cool. I look forward to seeing my clients and helping my team learn more about our craft. What a great profession.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's your perspective?

If you're willing to spend the money and time investing in your hair at a great salon, I highly recommend listening about why and how to maintain the look. The great, professional products I use on your hair in the salon is only one time. What you do afterwards either supports or deteriorates the hair from there forward. You shampoo, condition and style about 50 times before I see you again and that regimen rules supreme. I care that your hair looks and wears it's best for you and I believe most people do as well. I can only help as much as you let me. The other great thing is that if something doesn't work, you can bring it back and we'll find another solution. It's about building that relationship together that allows me to create exactly what works the best for you.

 I realize quality hair care can be pricey? But, is it really? Say you buy 1 shampoo, conditioner and styling product that costs $75. Seems like a lot up front right? On average, most people get them every 8 weeks. That's $1.25 a day. That coffee you drink daily at say $5 a pop would cost roughly $300 in 8 weeks? Now say you had to pay the $300 for 8 weeks of coffee all up front. Would you do it...doubt it. It's all about perspective. My alternative at least helps you look and feel your best.
I seldom have anyone return and say how they did not notice the difference and were glad for the switch.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'll have the roots with a side of damage...and super size it!

I guess I should thank all the stylists who still pack the hair with foils and proceed to FRY it into a haystack. Then, your really not that dark natural color seems black in about 3 weeks as the new hair attempts to rear its ugly head. And usually it is ugly as it clashes with the blonde that more resembles a broom on the other side. There's a saying in our field. It goes Fried Dyed And Laid To The Side! Sounds funny but not so much when you're the Fried! And what's the point of doing that to someone? Don't you think your clients prefer a beautiful, healthy style? Don't you think that sooner or later there's got to be a better way? Oh wait, there is. Our hair painting. Without a doubt the most current approach to coloring hair. Here's an example of a client from today that had exactly what I'm talking about going on. Text book too blonde, over processed and damaged. But, after several hours, layers of color and treatments, we were able to get her on the road to recovery. There's just no comparison. Of course, if you like straw-textured hair that's certainly an option. Order up!

Photo Shoot Fun

I don't think the average JOE knows what goes into getting one little picture to speak volumes. And rightly so. A few hours after work today was spent with my buddy TJ Getz of Getz Creative Photography doing a photo shoot for Christopher Ashley Salon's new website and to begin building a portfolio.  Whitney was our outstanding model. We glossed her hair for shine, prepped it for style with Bumble Thickening Mousse and Surf Spray so it'd have that big messy windblown look and finished it off with the Awesome new Dryspun Finish (a dry shampoo/texturizer that "kills it" in the volume dept). At the studio, we shifted lighting around, turned on fans and blow dryers to move the hair, changed lenses and cameras, climbed boxes and ladders, changed clothing for looks, make up, flip hair over, more Dryspun Finish, shake it out, smile, smile with your eyes, turn shoulders, less no more, look this way, tilt head, 500 shots later we got it! Oh, now put the image on the computer and edit. More high lighting, darken background, enhance color hues, bring out the eyes, crop, erase rogue hair strands and so on. But, with all that said did I mention that we had a ton of fun!!! Let's do it again.....

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Take 1

Another blog right?! We all think we have so much to offer the world. Our opinions in our minds are infamous, but you never know what we'll connect to. Could be a picture or just one thought in a sea of literature. It's all about sharing ideas with each other and having fun with it. I think creating thought provoking concepts helps your brain exercise too and we all need that.  It might be interesting to hear what has gone through the eyes and mind of one hair dresser over his 18+ year career. The posts to follow are meant to be entertaining and just another perspective in my craft. They do not represent the thoughts or opinions of people I work with now or in the past. Just this one dude who has something to say.