Thursday, October 3, 2013

Digital fashion

Techy used to mean geeky or nerdy. Now days its more like genius. Websites are the main draw to businesses. They need to look hip, cool and awesome! I'm not a programer but the responsiveness and functionality aspects are what's hot. When we get full screen pictures, videos or music, it's so much more captivating. Or when you hover over a button and it's somehow animated. It's the subtle details that subconsciously draw us in. A color, a noise or even a movement makes you want just one more click to see what happens next. Websites are very much fashionable and trendy just like clothing or a hairstyle. And like the latter, they should be a perfect reflection of the product it represents. We enjoy our favorite things and places because we connect to an experience. That's the key to anything. We don't buy shampoo or shoes or a car. We buy the story it represents in our mind. Next time you go to your favorite site, take a second and ask yourself what is it that keeps you connected time and time again? What story are you buying?