Thursday, September 26, 2013

The show must go on

It's not just the outcome of a look. It's as much about the road traveled to get there. People crave excitement and enthusiasm. Doing things differently is fun and turns heads especially in the salon. It's not a big space so the vibe you put out catches on rather easily. Make the process of your work look outlandish so other clients ask questions about it. It's almost a show sometimes. We are the performers and the clients are the audience. I love it when they ask about what I'm doing. Create any opportunity so you can to talk about your work. The entire process is like a dance from start to finish. Everyone needs to enjoy the experience and feel elevated. After all, its another form of art for sure. And art should tell stories, be interesting, provoke conversations, be unique and more. 
This is a technique called "The Flame". I come up with it to simulate a red tone resembling fire. Not your average way to color but then again who wants to be average.