Thursday, September 12, 2013

Got Razor?

Don't get me wrong, I like shears for cutting hair and I use them often. But the razor is a whole other ballgame. You have to really have a vision and know your stuff to wield an "unguarded" razor. In the beginning, I thought the razor trashed hair. I was super anti after all the bad razor cuts I had to repair. But low and behold like most things in our profession it's the user not the actual tool that goes awry. There's definitely right and wrong with technique and a razor. Now after studying and practicing it for about 7 years now, it has changed everything about my work. Like a renewed spirit. What you can do with a razor is unlike anything you can do with shears. Piecey, wispy, soft, chunky, edgy, fringy, trendy, weight removal, curl enhancer, volume exploder, shaggy, fun, interesting...I mean does it all! I would say the majority of textures can be done with a razor. Creativity is limited only to your imagination. If you feel bored, blah, ho hum, same ole thing, conventional or whatever and would like an interesting change to spice things up, come see me asap. Excitement is right around the corner!

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