Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It is what you make it

Today is another 9/11 anniversary and I'm inspired to write about making the most of what you do. Most of us regular "Joes" have to wake up and go to work. So why not enjoy it and be thankful for actually having a job to support yourself, the kids, spouse etc. I sort of fell into this profession. It's not like I always wanted to do hair but I knew that I wasn't gonna be stuck behind a desk 9-5. Early on I did a lot of drawing and other artsy stuff. It just seemed to resinate with me. So I can look back and understand how I got here. The majority of the time we have choices which is a blessing. In our field, there are many options as to where and how you can work. So when the choice is made, doesn't it make the most sense to go in 100% each day? When we "choose" to work at a particular salon, we also "choose" to be a part of that culture meaning adapt to their way of thinking and acting. What's the point of going against the grain? It's going to disrupt things for everyone and most likely end badly for you. Complaining to others that can't do anything about it, spreading negativity, gossip or just anything non productive shows poor character in general. If you find yourself in any organization with this backwards thinking, it's probably time to make another choice. Contrary to popular belief, the grass is not greener on the other side...just different. And it's always greener where you water it. So get your mind right and be happy.
I love the fact that I'm in control of my destiny (to a certain extent) with work. I just have to put the effort in like tending a garden. I think clients can tell that I really like what I do. I find it fascinating and always challenging. Every person is a completely new project to figure out and that's cool. I look forward to seeing my clients and helping my team learn more about our craft. What a great profession.