Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I'll have the roots with a side of damage...and super size it!

I guess I should thank all the stylists who still pack the hair with foils and proceed to FRY it into a haystack. Then, your really not that dark natural color seems black in about 3 weeks as the new hair attempts to rear its ugly head. And usually it is ugly as it clashes with the blonde that more resembles a broom on the other side. There's a saying in our field. It goes Fried Dyed And Laid To The Side! Sounds funny but not so much when you're the Fried! And what's the point of doing that to someone? Don't you think your clients prefer a beautiful, healthy style? Don't you think that sooner or later there's got to be a better way? Oh wait, there is. Our hair painting. Without a doubt the most current approach to coloring hair. Here's an example of a client from today that had exactly what I'm talking about going on. Text book too blonde, over processed and damaged. But, after several hours, layers of color and treatments, we were able to get her on the road to recovery. There's just no comparison. Of course, if you like straw-textured hair that's certainly an option. Order up!