Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's trending

BOBS! Seems like they're always around but there's been a surge of celebrities who just crush it! Below are some of those celebs. Bobs can have this misconception for many peeps who think they exude this boring, conservative or even old school element. But in actuality, its all about where the length lands and how you cut it (or into it) that takes it to the next level of extraordinary. Color also can bring new life to any haircut. Every style should look like it tells a story. It should give you a clue into the personality and expectations of that person with a little mystery left behind. Variations on the bob are endless. Razor, layered, graduated, bangs, choppy, boxy, flippy, precision, 60s retro, undercut - it goes on and on. Nowadays, the imperfections are what's great. The pieces that stick out or flip. It shows interest and character to the style. What are you willing to experiment with is the question. How far can you reach out of the comfort zone? Just go for it!